Fusion Food Blog is a food and travel blog. You will find detailed recipes for fusion/creative dishes, desserts and drinks. It focuses on Chinese cuisines, but also German and Australian food. Cooking videos, food photographies, holiday videos and travel tips are also included here.

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“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” – Julia Child

We write, photograph and film with all our love, passion and curiosities for food. I’m always eager to test fresh ingredients and unique cooking techniques to create those amazing flavours. Follow our “food” steps around the world, discover the unimaginable mouth watery experiences along the way.

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“The Italians and Spanish, the Chinese and Vietnamese see food as part of a larger, more essential and pleasurable part of daily life. Not as an experience to be collected or bragged about – or as a ritual like filling up a car – but as something else that gives pleasure, like sex or music, or a good nap in the afternoon.” -Anthony Bourdain

Like many young couples, we addict to travel. It’s especially exciting to taste unique local delicacies around the world. Planning a trip can be as hectic as deciding on what to put on the dining table. We insist on travelling no less than 30 days a year and eating 3 meals a day, healthy and full of varieties indeed.
By mixing various forms of cookeries together, I have always been able to surprise my husband almost every single time. Fusion cooking helped me enriching our boring family meals. I’m hoping that these new cooking ideas can bring some varieties onto your dining tables as well.

We Love Travel

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We dived with giant blue gropers at Clovelly beach (one of our favourite snorkelling spots in Sydney, Australia), swam at the Great Barrier Reefs with groups of jellyfishes and baby squids, hiked on the Wild Great Wall on a super hot summer day, searched for the well known canned food restaurant in Tokyo’s dazzling shopping district, squeezed through the crowd to see the new year fireworks in Taipei, Sydney and Venice, tried to have a quick peek at everything in Paris Louvre Museum within few hours, Strolled through Florence’s majestic ancient architectures…

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About Us

I’m Yi, a home cook, a hobby baker and a wife. I was born in China, then moved to Sydney Australia and settled now in Deutschland with my Mann Yogi.
Since then I spend most of my time on learning Deutsch and doing “wife” stuff. It’s a big transition for me compare to our old routine back in Sydney. One day, my brother in law started writing a food and travel blog called “foodseeing“. He writes on regional food and local restaurants, both in English and Deutsch. I thought: hey, it’s something I could do as well!
I run a fusion kitchen at home: 30% Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai etc.), 30% European (Italian, French and Deutsch, Spanish), 10% American, 10% Indian, 10% frozen food/fast food and 10% everything combined, mixed, and reproduced.

This blog is in dedication to my süßer hubby who has always been an inspiration to me. He is also my best travel, dining and life partner. All recipes here are tested and approved by him before publishing.

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