chongqing xiao mian small noodles

Chongqing small noodles – the spiciest vegan noodle

Chongqing small noodles AKA Xiao Mian is well known for its intensive spiciness and affordable price. They are sold often on the street or in many small mum and pop restaurants in China. Besides the basic vegan option, there are also a countless number of non-vegan variations. Here are some of them: green pea sauce, pork mince sauce, beef ribs and many other toppings. Yet my favourite one is still the simplest plain vegan Xiao Mian. Who wouldn’t love a bowl of pure spiciness?
chongqing xiao mian small noodles
It’s super quick and easy to make. Only a few ordinary ingredients can often create something amazing. A splash of glossy red chilli oil made from freshly roasted ground dry chillis. Some hand made noodles cooked in boiling water for only a couple minutes. The noodles can quickly turn soft but still chewy. Put these two together, then you have it, a bowl of yumminess.
sichuan chili peppercorns
spice blend for chili oil
chili oil for noodles
“Less is more” is often the case when it comes to cooking. The culinary trend of recipes with 3 or fewer ingredients or raw food diet is becoming popular. There are Michelin restaurants in Berlin only serve these simplified but high-quality dishes. We all love fresh Sydney rock oyster with a drizzle of lemon juice. Pan seared Wagyu steak seasoned with only rock salt. Sweet tomato and mozzarella marinated with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Simplicity makes perfection. Without over cooking and seasoning let the quality of raw ingredients shine. It’s culinary minimalism.
I often hear my friends, families complain about all the sauces, powders, pans and pots they have. Especially, for someone who cooks a lot at home and like experimenting different cuisines. We tend to accumulate lots of things over the days. It can quickly become a disaster without knowing. My solution to this problem: try to cook simple can be time-saving and just as delicious.
Hope my recipe could help you eat healthy, easy and tasty. The detailed recipe is in the description under my videos. Thanks for reading my blog and watching my videos.


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