crispy pork belly

Crispy pork belly – the magic of 5 spices powder & baking soda

“$5 Crispy pork belly and half roasted duck please.” I used to order like this at least once or twice every month at a Hong Kong BBQ shop nearby in Sydney. The whole shop only has a tiny window front for the cashier. The rest of the space is completely filled with their delicious BBQ produces. The ducks are hanging on the ceiling while many layers of sugar syrup are waiting to brush over. The dark red BBQ pork bellies are lying on a rank while the grease could fell into a tray underneath. The best of them has to be the crispy pork bellies. The golden brown crispy skin could almost shine under the light.
People might not know that it’s a lot easier to roast a crispy pork belly than a duck. It’s definitely doable from home with an oven. Salt, five spices powder and a bit of baking soda are all we need. It’s important to marinate the pork with enough seasonings and time. The rest is all about letting it roast in the oven long enough until the skin gets extra crispy (40-55mins).

Although they’re tasty all by themselves, you can always dip them in some kind of sweet chilli sauce or BBQ sauce. Enjoy them with enough veggies, you know they are like a massive calorie and cholesterol bomb.

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