Fusion Food Recipe by Country

Here is a summary/list of all my recipes and cooking videos. They are categorized under different continents and counties from its origin. Hopefully, this “Food by Country” page could help you quickly find the recipes you are looking for. The internal search function is also at your disposal at the top right. Most of my cookings are oriental and European culinary focused so far, but it’s only a beginning of my blogging adventure. We are planning to travel further and discover more within this few upcoming years.

I’m working hard on my german at the moment. Our travel schedule for this year will be released here beginning of April. We are hoping to visit Masco, Dubai, Florida and few other countries in Europe this year. My parents and few other relatives from China are coming this September for our church wedding in Germany, after that we are planning to have a short trip around Europe: southern France, Switzerland and few other countries are on our list and waiting to be booked.

This page will be populated over time, as well as my YouTube cooking Channel: Yi W Fusion Food. For people who are living in China, you could find all my cooking videos on Youku (优酷): 小Y在德国 (请到我的优酷频道观看我的美食制作视频). I will try to add Chinese subtitles when I have time. I promise! Both of my food and travel blog and YouTube cooking Channel will be updated once a week. By the way, I’m also on Instagram:YW_Fusion_Food. It’s updated daily, sometime more than once a day. I have to admit that I’m pretty addicted to it at the moment.

My loving hubby has two YouTube channels:

Surprise Unboxing Club

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Hope you enjoy my recipes, blog and videos.

The continent of Americas

The continent of Asia

Chinese Spring Roll  Chinese Spring Roll Video
Chinese Sticky Rice Balls  Sticky Rice Balls Video
Rice Burger
Curry Rice Curry Rice Video
Mushroom Salad Mushroom Salad Video
The continent of Australia and Oceania

The continent of Europe

Curry Sausage  Curry Sausage Video