Guilin rice noodle

Guilin rice noodle – an unique dry noodle

Silin roasted duck rice noodle, Liuzhou water snail rice noodle, Nanning old friend rice noodle and Guilin rice noodle are 4 of the oldest and the most popular rice noodle dishes in China. (思林烧鸭粉,柳州螺蛳粉,南宁老友粉,桂林米粉)

nanning old friend rice noodle
Nanning old friend rice noodle
Silin roasted ruck rice noodle
Silin roasted duck rice noodle
liuzhou water snail rice noodle
liuzhou water snail rice noodle
Guilin rice noodle
I made Guilin rice noodle
I’m making a note here for myself. These are the 4 kinds of rice noodles on my bucket list.
All 4 of them originate from Guangxi province. No surprise this province shares its broader with Vietnam. A country which is famous for it’s Pho rice noodle soup and many other rice noodle dishes.
If I had to pick one, I would say it has to be Guilin rice noodle, although the water snail rice noodle is also very trendy. Why? For some reason, I have always known it while growing up. My parents went to Guilin for their honeymoon. In the 80s, Guilin was one of the most luxury holiday destinations for many Chinese young couples. The story of them eating water snails on a bamboo boat while drifting down the Li river sounds so romantic to me.
Besides of that, Guilin rice noodle is very unique all by itself. The noodle sauce is so rich and flavourful, only a tiny amount of it is enough to season a whole bowl of rice noodles. The varieties of toppings are also unimaginable. Here’re some of them: pickled long beans, pickled mustard, roasted peanuts, braised beef…
The original pork noodle sauce uses varieties of Chinese medicines. Some of them are quite difficult to find in Germany. In this recipe, I’m using some basic herbs and spices which give the sauce a light fragrant. You could store it in the fridge for at least 1 week.
While summer is approaching, this cold dry noodle is perfect for a hot and humid summer day. In fact, people from Guilin enjoy the same cold noodle 3 meals a day.
Thanks for reading my blog. The recipe is in the description under the video on my YouTube channel.

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