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Honey bees – includes script for YouTube small growers

Honey is definitely one of the most fascinating natural products. It’s a perfect example of how human and animals can live in peace and harmony. Nature offers us what it has. We enhance it without destroying any. Not more not less, but the perfect balance for all.

beekeeping germany
This is one of the very reasons why I love honey so much, but it’s not all. My mum used to add a tsp honey in my warm milk every morning as one of the most important parts of my breakfast. My mother in law likes to add a tsp honey in her hot tea. I guess we all have a sweet tooth in the family, particular the women. Instead of taking white sugar, honey seems like the healthy natural substitute. 
german honey with comb
Although China produces the most honey in the world with over 30% of the total honey production, Germans love their honey even more. The varieties of honey here is also astonishing. The first time when I saw full aisles of honey in a supermarket here, I had no clue what they are all about. 
pollen beekeeping
 pollen beekeeping
Have a quick look at them, there are 2 main kinds: the clear golden honey and the cloudy creamy honey. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. There are rape honey, dandelion honey, fruit blossom honey, summer flower honey, linden honey, chestnut honey, acacia honey, forest honey, pine honey and more. Each of them tastes also slightly different. It can be mild, aromatic, bitter, spicy or tart. My favourite one has to be the forest honey. It has an unusual dark brown colour and tastes mild spicy. It’s probably from the spruces in the black forest in Germany. 
flower germany
 flower germany
Humans have been collecting, keeping and enjoying honey for thousands of years. Many well known Egyptian and Greek sweets use honey such as Umm Ali and baklava. It also appears in many German desserts. Mohn-Streuselkuchen (poppy crumble cake), Bienenstich (bee sting cake) and the very simple honey ice are some of them. They’re all on my to-do list. 
I had so much fun learning beekeeping. You will be able to see that in my latest video above. Thanks for reading my blog and watch my videos. 

Following is the script for this YouTube video –

Honey, one of the oldest foods. As a natural sweetener, it’s great for cooking and baking.

So to continue our small growers series, we visited a family friend, who keeps all her bees in her small front yard.

The bees don’t have much smell, but relatively loud while flying in and out of the hives. Working bees may live for a few weeks, the Queen, however, has a lifespan of 3-4 years. While dancing among all the bees, I suddenly felt like the Fragrant Concubine, if you are familiar with the Chinese meth.

The honey bees collect pollens and nectar in the garden and around the neighbourhood. Sometimes other bees would come to visit the garden as while like this carpenter bee, who got completely high in a blossom.

So now let’s do some serious beekeeping.

Now we have our honey. I’m going to use these fresh honey to bake a cake and make some honey ice cream.

Here is the royal jelly from the queen.

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