Our summer vacation in Mallorca

The idea of spending some time in Mallorca this summer came out very naturally. After all, it’s the 17th state of Germany. By the way, Germany has only 16 states on paper if you’re not aware of. Every year hundreds and thousands of Germans flock to the Spanish island for leisure or for business. I didn’t quite understand the reason why until I saw it with my own eyes. It’s the fresh air, the warm breeze, the blue sky, clear water and white sand. It’s the friendly Spanish people and amazingly delicious delicacies. It’s the complete relaxation from head to toes. No wonder even Chopin had his vacation and created some most beautiful pieces here.

mallorca palma

Day1-2 Vlog in Mallorca

Day3-4 Vlog in Mallorca

After all, it was a summer vacation that we very much needed. We haven’t been travelling as much as we should this year. It was time to get away from our daily routines, our jobs and the weeks’ long heat waves in Deutschland. (Damn you people who don’t believe in global warming.) By chance, Yogi was able to find the best deal from Karlsruhe to Mallorca with Air Berlin. It cost only 25 euro p.p. Although we had to wait at the airport for almost an hour due to bad weather, it seems like something completely justifiable.


Mallorca Airport Bus

Mallorca is an over 3000 km² large island in the incredible blue Mediterranean sea. It has an unaccountable number of white sand beaches, but we decided to stay at El Arenal. Why? time Extremely loud and drunk German teenagers finally made out of school and are free from their parents. They go party day and night until running out of money. The German bars/ clubs offer free beer at 10 am to get the party started. They give free t-shirts to people who buy enough drinks for the evening. I was surprised to see how many kids are wearing those t-shirts but still keep drinking for the rest of the night and the rest of their days at Ballermann.

Personally, I’m no drinker, but I don’t resent alcohol or the drinking culture. It’s simply weird to be the only person who is sober at a party, but it’s not the first time and won’t be the last time either. It didn’t stop me enjoying the great atmosphere at Mega Park anyway. By the way, Mega Park is probably one of the largest German bars in the area. (I will list a few more big ones down below.) It was funny though to hear all the 80-90s pop music in a bar which is filled with young German kids. However, here is this one song I really liked at the evening called Johnny Däpp.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE70PHlgrlo) They took Johnny Depp’s name and made a joke about it (Däpp is a German family name, sounds like Depp which means dickhead in German). The lyric says “Scheiße auf den job. Scheiße auf mein geld” which means F** the job, F** my money. It says everything about Mallorca for many Germans.

However, Mallorca has so much more to offer than just alcohol and parties. There’re hundreds and thousands of more reasons to love the island. Here are just some of them:

1. Playa de Palma, El Arenal beach, the perfect beach

It has everything which makes a perfect beach. We have been to many beaches. El Arenal is definitely one of the best. The water is clear, warm and shallow which is perfect for all kinds of water sports: snorkelling, kitesurfing, kayaking or a simple swim. The sand is clean, fine and soft. It can be crowded sometimes, but there is enough space for everyone to get a sun tan.

You might encounter some beach sellers, but after all the years, it’s simply becoming a part of the beach vacation in Spain or Italy. Just ignore them. They do no harm most of the time.

2. Spanish food: tapas, pastries and sangria

There is something about Spanish food which is so delicate and irresistible. They seem so effortless but the intensity of the taste in your mouth is completely unexpected. It’s no exception even in some random street side tapas bars. I’m no expert in Spanish cuisines, but I just love how each dishes is presented, which reminds me a lot of Japanese food: small, beautiful and guaranteed tasty.

I wonder sometimes, what’s the use of all that butter and cream or soy sauce and vinegar? They enhance the tastes but cover the original flavours from our simple ingredients at the same time.

Mallorca Hotel Buffet

Mallorca Hotel Buffet

Mallorca Hotel Buffet

Mallorca tapas Bar

Mallorca tapas

Mallorca tapas


1. The S-Bahn (city train) tickets to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport cost about 7.50 Euro. It includes the train ride to Baden-Baden train station and the connecting bus to the airport. (Make sure to leave enough time before your flight, since DB has a bad record on keeping all their trains on time.)

If you fly with Ryanair, make sure to check-in online to avoid fees. It usually becomes available to you 4 days before the departure date.

Ryanair has a more restricted rule on the weight and size of a carry on luggage: 10kg, 55 x 40 x 20cm
For Eurowings: 8kg, 55 x 40 x 23cm

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