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Backpacking checklist for one week holiday

Is a travel packing checklist really necessary? As a real spontaneous and disorganised person, after making a few serious mistakes, my answer is definitely positive: it’s very necessary! At least my in-laws have one. They travel regularly and are always super organised like most good and old fashioned germans who seem to have a list for everything: shopping list, packing list, to do list, wish list…

In fact we are going on a trip this coming Saturday to the largest Greek island Crete. An all inclusive holiday retreat for a whole week. While packing our bags, I thought maybe I should share my backpacking checklist here, so it’s saved “forever”. This checklist is just for me. My husband has one himself.

This travel checklist isn’t in anyway perfect, but an absolute necessity for me, a “young lady” who needs a reasonable amount of  maintenances. Besides of that my hubby and I are both travel maniac and addicted YouTubers. Although we tend to pack our luggage as light as possible, sometime it’s just impossible with all that gadgets for filming and editing.

The checklist could be vary for many reasons: different demographics, seasons of time, the length of the trip or even the holiday destinations. So as a draft of my own backpacking checklist, hopefully it could help you as well.

Packing list – one week summer holiday on Crete


Passport/ ID/ drive licence (visa if necessary. Make sure they are all valid)
Tickets/ boarding pass
House keys
Hotel/ car rental confirmation
Travel insurance
Cell phone (clean up the storage for holiday pictures)+charger
iPad (clean up the storage for holiday videos)+charger
Euro (Only for traveling in Europe)/ Credit card (UnionPay when traveling in Asia)/ Small notes for tips
Contact lenses
Medications (sea sick pills)

WARDROBE (in this case for an one week holiday in summer)

3 one piece dresses (light weight, save space, can be both casual and formal)/jumpsuit
3 t-shirts (keeping them in the same colour scheme with the shorts/skirts)
2 shorts/skirts
1 jacket (for cold evenings)
1 swimmer + 1 -2 beach tops/dresses

2 lingeries
3 underwear
2 tights


walking shoes


goggles, snorkel, fins
Sun glasses
Sun hat
Ear rings
Hair clips, hair band


Tooth brush+charger
Tooth paste
Dentel floss
Month wash
Shampoo & conditioner & hair mask
Body lotion
Nail clipper
Cotton stick, cotton pads
Wet tissue
Mosquito spay
Pain killer tablets

Face wash
Serum, toner
Face cream
Eye cream
Face masks

Mascara, eye liner (waterproof)
Lipstick, lip balm
Make up remover


Keyboard for iPad+charger
Video camera+SD card+battery+charger
WIFI hard drive+charger
Tripod for camera/phone/iPad
Removable charger/adapter


Small notebook (I like to record what I eat while traveling)
Book for reading

We try to live a minimal lifestyle, but sometime as human we just need a lot of crap to feel secure.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This article is great.
    I’m going to share on my facebook because my friends have to read it too.
    BTW what do you think about Brexit? Is it good for Britain?


    1. I doubt that Brexit would have any affect on Yi and her husband, other than whatever happens with the Eurozone.

      Anyway, I think you should continue blogging! Maybe post a roundup of your recipes once per week, or just your favourites. I like the recipes in your videos because they are quite accessible and not overly complicated, unlike most recipe books, and it would be cool if it was possible to browse them on your blog in text form.

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