Steamed chicken in green pepper sauce

Steamed chicken in green pepper sauce

Steamed chicken in green pepper sauce (藤椒雞) is like the twin brother of steamed chicken in chilli sauce or called saliva chicken in Chinese (口水雞). A whole chicken is quickly cooked in boiling water for about 10-15 mins, then left in the same closed pot for another 30 mins. By using the steam inside of the pot, our chicken should come out firm & tender. Soaking the cooked chicken in ice water is also an important trick here to maintain that tenderness even hours after cooking.

No matter it’s green pepper sauce or chilli sauce, the key here is the spicy & slightly numbing taste, like many other Sichuan dishes. It’s really hard to decide on which one of the both is tastier. The use of vinegar makes the chilli sauce slightly sour. That’s an essential note of the sauce which makes us mouth watery. However, the green pepper sauce is definitely more refreshing & numbing.

I have heard of saliva chicken like forever, but steamed chicken in green pepper sauce is definitely a newcomer. It became surprisingly popular even in Germany. Some Chinese restaurants would offer them off the menu to Chinese students here, as something very special & authentic. It also inspired me making this steamed chicken on my YouTube channel as well.

It might sound funny, but I realised that I’m having a better understanding of Chinese cuisine as a whole, since living overseas for so many years. It’s even more challenging now to purchase something authentic Chinese in Europe than in Australia before. I have to make everything myself from scratch. So many friends & families both on & off YouTube have asked me to open a Chinese restaurant here. I have always tried to friendly decline these sort of requests. I’m happy with my YouTube channel at the moment. It forces me to discover something new always, just like this steamed chicken in green pepper sauce.

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