Vegan burger

Vegetarian and vegan recipes – We’re part-time vegans


Someday around October last year, we decided to go part-time vegan. To be more specific, we do a restricted vegan diet, but only on Monday every week. It was more of my own initiative to start a healthy diet and eat more veggies. Yogi (my husband) simply came alone, since he doesn’t have time and doesn’t bother to cook himself.

The transition was easier than I thought. Instead of consuming a huge bowl of rice with a couple slices of avocados, I try to cook vegan dishes the “normal” way. In fact, Chinese cuisine has always been low protein, high carbs and high fibres. It’s relatively easy for me to do the cherry picking from all the Chinese recipes I have already known. Besides that, once I was familiar with the things which I could use to replace eggs, milk and butter. It’s even possible to do my own vegan baking for the after dinner desserts.

Here is a short list of things which helped me baking vegan desserts:

Butter – Margarine
Egg – Egg replacement (soybeans flour)
Milk – Coconut milk
Cream – Coconut cream
Gelatin – Xanthan

Last week a friend of Yogi came to visit us in Karlsruhe. They haven’t seen each other for 6 years. We were told that he is now a restricted vegan, so we found a vegan restaurant nearby. Because of my YouTube channel, I cook very often at home. It’s a curse on good cooks, we always think that we could do better. It’s a waste of money dining out, especially in a Vegan restaurant.

My heart beats vegan restaurant

My heart beats vegan menu

My Heart Beats Vegan
Kriegsstr. 94, 76133, Karlsruhe

My husband and his friend, they ordered Vegan burgers (8.50 Euro). I had curry noodle (8.90 Euro). The burgers had a few pieces of smoked tofu, lots of veggies and sauces. Although I thought it was too much ketchup, they seem to be happy with it. My noodle, on the other hand, was a complete disaster. I’m sorry, but the noodles were cooked way too long & went soggy. The curry sauce didn’t even have any curry taste. The chef probably also forgot about adding any salt.

Vegan burger

Vegan burger

Vegan burger

Vegan burger

Sweet potato chips

My heart beats vegan curry noodle

It wasn’t all bad though. I have to point it out that the restaurant was very clean. The interior design was neat and modern. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. I had the best house made lemonade there. The staffs were also very friendly. I will go there again to try their coffee and cakes, but probably no more noodles there for me.

My heart beats vegan bio beer

My heart beats vegan lemonade

So check out my vegan recipes on my channel. I’m confident that you will enjoy my recipes more than the food from vegan restaurants. Give them a try when you have time. I would like to hear from you.


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