Wild garlic soup

Wild garlic curry soup – small growers in Europe series

If you guys watched my videos last week, you probably have noticed that I just started a new series/ playlist called “small growers” on my channel. Instead of getting all my ingredients from supermarkets and filming it in our small apartment in Karlsruhe like always. We’re going to step out of our comfort home, collect herbs & fruits in the wild (you can find most of the locations around Europe here: mundraub.org) and get in touch with small/ organic local farmers. The idea is to cook with regional produce, reveal the source of our food and possibly capture some beautiful shots of Deutschland’s landscape which I really adore.

Since the engineering boom in Deutschland, its agriculture sector has been completely undervalued & forgotten. It takes only around 2% of the whole GDP but at least when we talk about Germany, we are still very much related to its beer, but that’s definitely not all of it. A German friend told me once ” (Deutschland ist) das Land, wo Milch und Honig fliessen” (a land of milk and honey). Ok, he isn’t really quoting the bible here, but trying to impress me with the milk & honey productions in Germany. Besides of that, you must have heard of german riesling wine before. I would like to discover them all.

So here is my first try on this new format. It was really easy peasy to locate the things around us by using mundraub.


I would have never imagined that there are wild garlic, berries, apples and even chestnuts in the middle of the city of Karlsruhe. Obviously, you need to know the harvest season for each of them.

We went to collect those wild garlic in Schloss park on labour day. I made my new intro on the same day, then made the soup you see here on my channel. Let me know how you think of it. I would love to hear from you. Once again, thanks for reading my blog & watching my videos.

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